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So, just what is the difference between boudoir and pin-up?

It’s easy to get confused between pin-up and boudoir. They should both be sexy, but tasteful, photographs done in an environment of fun self-discovery.

Except there are a few key differences between pin-up and boudoir.

Pin-up, takes us back, normally to the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s but these photos first became popular in the early 1900’s. If you are interested in the history go look for the Gibson Girl. “Pin-up” refers to pictures of women that are meant to be “pinned up” on walls, to be displayed and admired. Burlesque performers first started this trend of posing for pin-up photos, in order to advertise themselves. The girls were mostly clothed, sometimes with just a hint of something showing and were usually in a playful pose; with an underlying cheeky sex appeal.

Pin-up distinguishes itself from boudoir with a mostly-clothed style; and uses looks, poses and situations that are seen more as playful rather that outright sexy. The artists Vargas and Elvgren were masters at this, creating any number of scenarios to expose a stocking top or the hint of a heaving bosom about to escape!! In pin-up photos, props are used to accentuate the sex-appeal of the woman in the pin-up photo - what could be more innocent than a kitten? Pin-up photos are more about the tease than than anything else, just like burlesque. Is anything ever actually revealed during a fan dance? For a woman looking for something a little implied than actual, pin-up portraits are a good choice.



In comparison to pinup boudoir photography is a fairly modern thing. This is because boudoir is based on the presumption that the woman portrayed is proud of who she is, of her sexuality, which is quite a recent thing. Because boudoir is not done for men, although it can be a gift of course. It is fundamentally about celebrating the sexuality of a woman.

Boudoir is a powerful declaration of self. Boudoir is literally meant to show the viewer a look into the private, bedroom life of the woman in the photo. You choose how much to reveal, or whether you want to leave everything to the imagination. Nude is quite acceptable in boudoir, not so in pinup. Implied nude is very pinup, think bubble bath! Because pin-up is a retro concept, modern pin-up photos continue to pay homage to the bygone era. Boudoir, as a more modern concept, unashamedly shows the full range of a woman’s personality and sexuality because boudoir is meant to give a private insight into that particular woman’s bedroom.

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